Stan Stennett


“I have always tried to treat everyone I meet as I would like to be treated myself, to see life from the position of the ‘underdog’, to put myself in other people’s shoes. I like people and love Wales, and consider myself a ‘practicing Welshman’.

I did not have the easiest start in life, but it taught me to create the life you want to live. It gave me an inner strength. I have always considered myself a lucky person, both in my personal and professional life. I met my wife just after leaving school, there is only two years between us and we have always been great pals. She has always been the one for me; she has always been my girl. Show business can be an unstable life and temptations can arise, but through my strong family life I have been able to control my feelings and get to grips with my emotions. In my professional life I consider myself able to perform with the best of them and have with the likes of Morecambe and Wise, Frankie Vaughan and Tommy Copper but at the same time was always a fan of their work. Jimmy Durante was my great inspiration and in some way I have tried to don that mantle.

I am a bit of a ham though and sometimes say, ‘when the fridge door opens and the light comes on, I do ten minutes!’ If you are a performer you will always be a performer, in a small way I see myself as part of that great fraternity.”

Stan Stennett

Entertainer., .

Community contributions

Stan raised millions of pounds for charities. He was always very free with his time for charitable work. He liked to help the smaller, local charities and was a great champion of the underdog and never looked for any recognition for that work.

Stan was a founding member of the cancer charity, Tenovous.

His autobiography, Fully Booked, was published in 2010 and gives a great insight into Stan’s life.

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