Sharon Lovell


May 1985 – 11am. School.

I am sat in a biology class feeling bored. I’ve come across a poster on the wall. It’s an image of two walkers exploring the vast scenery ahead. It looks really beautiful. There is a quote above the image which states, where you have come from is not nearly as important as where you are going. Miss Mitchell saw me looking at it and I told her I liked it. She took it down from the wall and gave it to me. “Have it Sharon, and don’t worry, you will always do well in life as you have the personality to take you any where.” I felt really good about that. You see, I leave school in a few weeks and I still have no idea what to do with my life.

2pm – still in school – didn’t go on the knock this afternoon – for a change! I went to typing class and was greeted by Mr Winstoncroft saying “Ah, Miss Lovell, here you are at long last, not sure why you bother as the only place waiting for you after you leave school is the dole queue.” I pretend to laugh and say well at least I’ll be leaving with hair on my head (he’s gone even balder lately!) I was kicked out of class!

I’m confused and don’t know what to do. What will happen to me? Do any of us really choose?

January 2012 My message to the world:

The only purpose of looking backwards is to give you the strength and courage to move forward with love, compassion, understanding and freedom.
Enjoys: Walking on the beach, yoga, meditation and dreaming. Would love to have the time and courage to write a novel one day!

Guilty pleasures include, reading gossipy magazines and chocolate (best achieved together in a bath full of bubbles….)

Sharon Lovell

Director, NYAS Cymru

Community contributions

Sharon is a leading advocate for children’s rights in Wales. Sharon is a keen supporter of youth and community groups.

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