I think I am difficult to describe really as I do so many things, some to earn a crust and others that are more spiritual. I am first and foremost a Buddhist and a father of two lovely daughters. I work as a sculptor and I teach pottery and Meditation. I sail teach navigation and I am also developing Canonhill Artspace. From there I also run a pottery business.

My message is, don’t hide away, make an effort to share of yourself, be with people and enjoy community. To that end I have been developing Artspace here in Barry into a place where people can be creative, share facilities, feel comfortable, where people can develop their creative side and most importantly evolve and become fully human.

I would say the opposite of community is loneliness and it is one of the saddest experiences. We often see marriage as the only alternative (subconsciously) I accept that for bringing up children it is probably the best model but outside of that, what is there? So to that end, in a small way I want to foster community, help engender friendliness, interest and mutual helpfulness.

If I have insights about myself then they have been gained by my engagement with Buddhism and to this end the insights I have, inform my life. I have the 10 precepts or guiding principals that I work with on a moment by moment level, which can be simplified into kindness or non harm, awareness of my actions and there consequences, and an orientation towards the higher evolution. As Hamlet so poetically put it “To be or not to be, that is the question”. I interpret this to mean making choices, becoming human, evolving into more and not shirking away from doing what is right and noble, not just once in your life at a crossroads but every moment of the day. So my motto is, ask that question all the time, let it become a habit and let it lead me to become more human, more kind and thus live a more fulfilling and happy existence.


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Community contributions

Sagaradana helped to realise an artist community space in Barry. He has been an active member of Barry First responders, helping the ambulance service give vital first aid in emergencies for many years.


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Between The Lines is  a dynamic art project in which each subject nominates the next subject based on the principles and ideals of the project.


Nominated by: Glyn Pooley

Nominated in turn: Brian Foley, Atapini Martin, Lama Lobsang Topgyal.



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