Paul Duggan


I was born in 1970. When I was 14 a car slammed into me as I walked to school. My brother had a guitar that he never learned to play, while I was at home recovering from the accident I taught myself how to play. The Vale Blues and Roots Society was founded by Tony Cresci and myself, we were the first to bring artists such as Bob Brozman, Roy Bookbinder, Steve James etc. to Barry and inspired others to do the same. I think Barry has become a more musical town as a result. I still play at gigs whenever I can; I’ve been the support act to many great artists and even jammed with a few. I’m also a qualified gardener and grounds man and have been a union rep for many years. I’m married to Tracy, she has always supported my musical efforts and we have 3 children.

Support your kids in whatever it is that they want to do. Encourage and nurture the skills and talents they have, at least don’t stand in their way. Treat them equal, you’ll hear about it later if you don’t. Be true to yourself, you’ll waste years if you try to be something or somebody that you’re not. I know I did. Don’t do it for the money, you’ll likely be disappointed. Do it because you know it’s a part of you that will always be there and justify it by doing it to the best of your ability. If that sounds corny, that’s probably because it is, but it makes good sense none the less. Creative people still need to eat so you’ll need to do a job and it’s likely to be for most of your life. So, try to pick a job that won’t compromise ‘you’ too much. Don’t sell your soul to the corporation, there will be others better suited to that. Be honest and truthful, that will get you respected, stick to that no matter what. Treat others as you would have them treat you, and sometimes demand that they do.

Paul Duggan

Musician, Gardener, Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Community contributions

Paul is an advocate and supporter of live community music events.


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