Neil Hillman


It is only looking in the mirror that makes you feel old.

Always have a goal, it can drag you through pain, suffering…. everything.

Life goes on.

Verse 1
I know that you’re hurting, and you’d like to give up.
You think that the world has done you wrong.
You’re so down that you can’t seem to find your way up.
And the day’s and the nights are so long.

Verse 2
You can’t see no reason why fate has picked on you,
And you can’t believe you will ever see the light.
The bubble has burst and the rainbow has gone
You’re so left and you need to be put right.

But when you finished crying life goes on
Believe me! I know I’m not wrong.
I’ve been where you are, more times than most.
When you’re finished crying life goes on.
So wipe away your tears, and face the coming years,
Cause when you’re finished crying, life goes on.

Neil Hillman

Musician, .

Community contributions

Neil or ‘Hank’ as he known to his friends is a keen community arts volunteer, supporter and fundraiser for the local arts.

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Between The Lines is  a dynamic art project in which each subject nominates the next subject based on the principles and ideals of the project.


Nominated by: Glyn Pooley

Nominated in turn: Jenifer Wilson

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