Molly Conway


“I was born and have lived in Barry all my life. I moved to the Gibbonsdown   estate forty four years ago, just before the birth of my eldest child and have  remained here ever since.

I have always taken a keen interest in my estate and the people who reside here, having volunteered for the last thirty three years. I initially started    working with the young people living on the estate when my children were young. There were no facilities for young people and children, and juvenile crime was on the increase. I set up youth groups including a baseball team, drama group and various other activities.

Since the launch of the Gibbonsdown Residents Board in 1985, funding has been obtained to make major improvements including garden walls, new    windows, new roofs, new heating, children’s play areas and community  facilities. All of this has brought a better quality of life for all, but there is still much to do.

I have always abhorred poverty and the inequality that accompanies it. I have always tried to fight against discrimination and injustice, for too long I have seen residents being told what is good for them, and what they will receive with no consultation. This has to be eliminated and those in power need to ensure that peoples views are listened to and their needs met.

Now with my health and age against me I will continue to do my best to fight the injustices dealt out to the disadvantaged on my estate.”

Molly Conway

Community Worker., .

Community contributions

Molly fought for decades to improve the environment and lives of one of the poorest areas of Barry.

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