Laura McAllister


“I was fortunate to be brought up in a home full of strong women. My mother was from Maesteg and the only daughter of a miner and Lodge official. She was a passionate believer in equality, especially for girls and my sister and brother were brought up to believe that anything was achievable, not as of right, but with determination, hard work and application. That was the best foundation for life that anyone can wish for.

I love my academic roles now, as Chair of Sport Wales, I think I have the best job in the world. As a sports mad kid, I could hardly imagine being in such a wonderful role. I feel honoured and privileged. Sport defines us as a nation in Wales. The pride Welsh people show in sporting success when Wales win the Six Nations, or Welsh athletes win 12% of Team GB’s Paralympic medals in London 2012, is immense. We have two teams in the football Premier League, and six out of the ten medals won by GB in the recent cycling world  championships were won by Welsh athletes. I truly believe that the success of Wales as a small, smart, successful sporting nation can be translated into other sectors like business and education. I hope that by championing the power and reach of sport – for health,         well-being, skills, community spirit, economic  development and regeneration – Wales can become world beating in every respect.”

Laura McAllister

Former Chairperson., Sport Wales.

Community contributions

Laura is a passionate advocate for the benefits of community participation in sport.


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