Karl Kurhnell


‘After a very tough and rebellious childhood I left school with nothing to show for it and was on a downhill slope. It was not until years later that I realised I was wasting my life playing computer games. I decided to take up different hobbies to try and better my skills. I began with music, learning to play the electronic keyboard to a level where I was able to write a song and compose jingles for computer games. I was inspired by the work of Andrew Lloyd Webber, but this was not going to be the career for me! For many years I worked for British Rail and as a taxi driver. It was at this time that I realised that I had a talent for repairing computers. I decided to study further and gain a degree in I.T. engineering. This led me to work for a large electronics company and to set up my own I.T. business. During this period I developed an interest in politics, joining a local political party in 1997. I became a councillor in 2008 and then mayor for Barry in 2010-2011.

Sometimes trying to find your role in life can be difficult. For me it took many years. I would say that if your first choice does not turn out to be right for you, don’t just give up. Try something else. Keep searching and you will find what is right for you.

Be generous and kind, giving is the most important thing. I’ve always been a giver, the more you give the more you will get back. There are many ways to give; it doesn’t just have to be about giving money. Sharing time with someone or giving someone a helping hand is just as important.’

Karl Kurhnel

Local Councillor, former Mayer of Barry., Barry Town Council

Community contributions

Karl advocates for a voice for the local community. He tries to help whoever and whenever he can.

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