June Pooley


Christian, always thinking of others, Mother and Nana.

Bind us together in Love.

Take a cup of patience,
And a big heart full of love,
And a bowl of generosity,
To blend with the above.
Put in a dish of laughter,
And some understanding too,
Sprinkle it with kindness
And memories old and new.
Add some faith before you mix it,
Till the dish is rich and sweet.
Then enjoy a heaped—up portion,
With everyone you meet.

June Pooley

Mother, retired lay-preacher., .

Community contributions

Junnie, as she likes to be called, has been writing her column in the Barry and district for over 33 years. Each week she has committed to writing an article on a different subject. She does not get paid money for this work but does it to share her love of God. Although she writes from a Christian perspective she hopes to connect with all the diverse readers of the paper. Sometimes I ask her why she does not include other faiths in the piece, but she just prefers to write about what she knows. When I and my sister were young there were pieces of paper all over the living room, Junnie as she likes to be called, was always composing and writing, something. She said that since she was a little girl she was moved by God, she did not know where it came from as neither of her parents were church goers but for her it has always been part of her life. To share the love of God and the wisdom of her tradition to others is not just to witness to her faith, although that is a large part, but she felt called to share her experiences so they might help others. When opening the local paper with all its recording of the ups and downs of day to day activities that people carry out in lives it can be refreshing to be offered an opportunity to read life from another perspective, a perspective that is not just concerned with the here and now. It offers an opportunity for a different kind of dialogue, one that operates on a grand scale. Junnie’s dedication and commitment is something special as is her kind nature, it is an offering that we can all learn something from.

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Between The Lines is  a dynamic art project in which each subject nominates the next subject based on the principles and ideals of the project.


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