Julie Williams


“I became chief scientific adviser to the Welsh Government in 2013 after a career in genetic research.  Working on degenerative conditions, particularly Alzheimer’s disease, made me keenly aware of the enormous potential of science.  Scientific research is our only hope of overcoming many of the biggest challenges facing human society – climate change, infectious disease, the need to produce enough food and clean energy to meet the demands of a growing global population.

 What I’m most keen to do during my tenure in government is to celebrate and champion the cause of science in Wales.  Our universities, and the scientists working within them, are a major national asset.  Wales is celebrated as a land of poets and singers, but too few people realise that we also have a rich scientific tradition and a very strong research community.  Our scientists and engineers are making a huge contribution to our economy and society, with a track record of success in fields as diverse as civil engineering, environmental science and medicine.  I’m determined to change peoples’ perceptions of science in Wales.”

Julie Williams

Chief science officer for Wales, .

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Julie is a passionate advocate for the benefit of scientific research and a leading researcher into medical solutions for dementia.


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