Julie Morgan

Personal reflection

“Before I was a politician I worked in Social Work. It was a great job to have because so many people were prepared to trust you with information about the intimate important details of their lives. However I got frustrated at not being able to affect the ‘bigger picture’ and went into politics to try and change things for the better.

I have always felt committed to working for the ‘have nots’ in society. I think that is probably because I always feel a bit of an outsider myself. I was brought up in a single mother household but my mother always believed anything was possible. I have inherited from her the desire to give children the best possible chance in life and not to see anyone left out or excluded. I, like her have always worked to get a better deal for Gypsies and Travellers, who still face enormous discrimination despite a host of equality legislation. It does not seem right to me that people’s life chances are so unequal.

I love being a politician. It is such an interesting and absorbing job. You meet so many different people and deal with so many varying issues. It can sometimes be stressful and you have to accept that you don’t always achieve what you want. But it is also a great deal of fun and you can never tell what will happen day to day.”

Julie Morgan

Politian, National assembly for Wales.

Community contributions

Julie is a passionate advocate and supporter for minority groups in Wales.

Further information about Julie can be found at www.juliemorgan.org/

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Julie was nominated by  Christine Lee.

Nominated in turn: Considering.

Web site: www.juliemorgan.org