Gareth Jacobs


I am an economic slave,
Gilts, Bonds, Currency and Stocks,
it’s all doom gloom dippideedoo!
Bills, bills, bills their no frills,
interest rates is not my mate,
caught in the middle, little old me
Hung by the banks,
Will the Euro collapse?
Crushed like an egg
fragile, broken, forced into economic slavery

Why do you wear a poppy?
I don’t it makes me feel sad,
Red petals of death, War, doom and gloom,
Verses, Victory, democracy and independence?
Yes, there were many thousands of Civilians killed, families, children
fleeing war, what flower remembers this?
Can you tell me what flower this is?
What flower would you want this to be?
War does it make you feel safer?
I don’t know?
I forgot the question, can you remind me. Yes, of course, why do you
wear a poppy?

Gareth Jacobs

Charity Worker., NYAS Cymru

Community contributions

Gareth is a passionate and active advocate for children and young people in care.


Connected with

Between The Lines is  a dynamic art project in which each subject nominates the next subject based on the principles and ideals of the project.


Nominated by: Sharon Lovell

Nominated in turn: Karl Davies

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