Clive Wolfendale

Personal reflection

I really wanted to be a musician.  I still play lots of instruments, not all of them well.  I sometimes tell others how to play.  Sometimes they listen; fooled.  I still want to be a musician.

I became a policeman, though I wasn’t tall enough.  I used to fight people, though I wasn’t hard enough.  I wore a uniform, though never filled it.  It wasn’t my uniform.

Now I watch people.  I watch them fall into despair.  I watch them crawl out of despair – at least for a while.  I watch them die. I watch them die in Wales.

I sometimes wonder whether Wales is a country where people come to die: in rehab units, in retirement apartments, in geriatric wards, in homes for the elderly, on mountains, on motor bikes; alone. Something should be done about it.

Clive Wolfendale

Prif Weithredwr / Chief Executive, CAIS

Community contributions

Clive is ex-assistant Chief Constable and now is CEO of CAIS an organisation helping people overcome all kinds of problems and getting them back into work.

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Between The Lines is  a dynamic art project in which each subject nominates the next subject based on the principles and ideals of the project.


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