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I was brought up in Barry and always felt very lucky as a child to have the swimming-pool, the boating lake and Romilly Park as my personal playground and very sorry for others who did not have the same privilege! But by the late 90’s the area was looking very tired and run down about which I personally felt very upset. To that end I organised a public meeting at Bindles, which was still a public house at that stage, to discuss mutual concerns and some 160 people turned up. We were all very annoyed at the decaying hulk of the swimming pool; the graffitied and derelict shelters; the general neglect of the gardens, both plants and seating; and there were issues concerning the behaviours of youths.

Out of this The Knap Community action Group was formed some 12 years ago, initially for the first two years under the chairmanship of Peter Treadwell and subsequently by Kevin Protheroe for some ten years, with myself as Secretary; Bryan James as Publicity Officer; Chris Oxenham as Treasurer; and others offering support as members of the committee. We like to think that we have worked collaboratively with the Vale of Glamorgan Council, particularly with Councillor Jeff James; Miles Punter, Manager of the Visible Services to the VOGC; and Phil Beaman, Superintendent of Parks and Gardens. Jane Hutt A.M. had always been very useful and diligent in working with Railtrack over problems with the feeder.We like to feel that the area is improved, but it has been a long slow slog. There are results though.

The KCAG remains vigilant about what has to be done. Moneys raised by the group are obviously used for the improvement of the area. We all look forward to the transformation that Glyn is going to make to the stump of the felled tree in the Lake Gardens!

Caroline Oxenham

Retired Teacher, .

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Caroline is a passionate campaigner for a better local environment.


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