Brian Foley


Barry needs to start again. Life is a special thing, embrace it, develop it as every second counts, this is your future.

When I see a need, because I care for my community and others I cannot sit back and ignore it., I have to act. Sometimes what is being done can seem confusing to others, but if I feel the action is right, then I must follow my gut instinct and carry it out.

Brian Foley

Volunteer, Barry First Responders.

Community contributions

Brian has shown incredible dedication for over a decade giving tirelessly supporting the ambulance service with fast and efficient support in emergencies. He has help keep the Barry service in constant reediness and saved many lives in the process.


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Between The Lines is  a dynamic art project in which each subject nominates the next subject based on the principles and ideals of the project.


Nominated by: Sagaradana

Nominated in turn: Dorothy Connell.

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