Audrey Jones


Looking back on life experience, it is clear that in many ways I have been very fortunate: attending a school where working class girls were positively encouraged and supported to undertake Higher Education was a rare opportunity.(Our Head was a member of the Cadbury family) As a child I heard my two unmarried aunts, drafted into a munitions factory during the war, discussing how their rates of pay were much lower than those of men doing the same work- a puzzling fact that remained at the back of my mind.

Being in the right place at the right time when secondary education was being reorganised (though a few years earlier I was ‘never going to be a teacher”) was significant as I was one of few women attaining promotion. It soon became all too clear that most women suffered (and still do) an in-built disadvantage. It is easy for me to bore for Britain on this topic, so I will stop there.

Not having been born in Wales, I much appreciate the benefits of having lived here for more than 50 years, having been married to one who was. He greatly enjoyed his working life at Dow Corning, and was totally supportive of mine. So training on “How to choose a partner” would in my view, be most useful to young women in their progress towards genuine equality.

Audrey Jones

Retired teacher, .

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Audrey was a passionate advocate and activist for women’s rights in Wales.


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