Background info

Between the Lines is one of the  largest contemporary collaborative artworks currently being undertaking in Wales, U.K.

As each portrait is created every interaction with a new sitter slightly modifies in a subtle way the life of the artist, participant and the artwork. Every resultant change becomes the artwork. The drawing /photo/ written documents are just a reminder of the interaction. Everything changes after the meeting. The resultant changes in action/ behaviour/understanding in each participant and the artist hold far reaching consequences touching many people’s lives.

The ‘indescribable’ link between participants are reflected back to the viewer in the structure of the ‘Between the Lines’ network and the nature of the portraits. The resultant documents aim at ‘making the invisible visible’.

They help to define the interactive space between subjects and thus offer an insight into the implied but unspoken connection between the participants while going some way to reveal the ‘Active space that motivates’.

Between the Lines records and showcases the strength of community life in Wales through portraits, photographs and personally written messages of inspirational people living or connected with the Welsh community. Each participant has contributed significantly in some way or form to the community they live in. Some are well known, others are ordinary people who feel passionate about their community. Each participant has recommended another inspirational person and so the Between the Lines network has expanded since its conception.